gluten free


For nearly 10% of the population with gluten-related disorders, alcoholic beverages have been taken off the table due to the gluten from wheat, barley, rye, oats, and related grains used in the distilling process. Now it’s time to raise a glass to TazaRay, the first sunflower spirit ever distilled that is naturally gluten-free from Dalton Distillery.
As the Distillery continued to develop its craft, it discovered a real market need for a gluten free liquor option. This led to the formulation of a spirit that primarily used sunflower seeds as the major ingredient - TazaRay Sunflower Spirits. TazaRay Sunflower Spirits is the first of its class in the world.  

TazaRay offers a unique clean flavor profile and a hint of nuttiness at the finish, and is 100% Gluten Free and non-GMO, assuring that its ingredients have come from sources that have not been genetically engineered. Due to TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) regulations, the Distillery must label its product sunflower spirits instead of whiskey, since sunflower seeds are not considered a grain. TazaRay is aged in used bourbon barrels and TazaRay Red is aged in used red wine barrels. Both offer a unique tasting experience that customers are sure to enjoy.